The team at White Park Capital is driven by three critical forces: entrepreneurship, passion for technology, and quantitative analysis.


Andrei Ponomarev

Co-founder and managing partner of WhitePark Capital

Andrei is an entrepreneur and an early-stage investor since 2011

With a passion for technology, Andrei first entered the blockchain space in 2013, and ever since, he and his team have launched several successful startups related to p2p gaming platforms and digital assets. In the past three years, Andrei has also successfully managed a portfolio of private investors with a total value of over $120 million. Before co-founding WhitePark Capital, Andrei worked on startups’ strategic planning and developed integrated loyalty systems for corporate client acquisition and retention.

Vladislav Shabanov

Co-founder and managing partner of WhitePark Capital

Vlad has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for financial markets, corporate finance, and technology.

He has financial experience with both fundamental and quantitative analysis and is fluent in VBA, Python, R/MATLAB, and C++. Before co-founding WhitePark Capital, Vlad worked at Russell Investments in New York, where he was part of the 9-member Multi-Asset Solutions team that managed $58 billion in pension funds.
At Russell Investments, Vlad conducted quantitative analyses on portfolio asset allocations, utilized risk management tools, ran attribution analysis, and helped develop proprietary portfolio management tools. Vlad also worked at Tyco Electronics, where he built cost-efficiency models that benefited the company’s project margin and customers’ cost optimization. Vlad holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in Economics with a minor in Econometrics from Moscow State University. He also holds a Master of Quantitative Finance from Rutgers Business School.

Vladimir Vinokurov

Partner and CTO at WhitePark Capital

Mr. Vinokurov is an entrepreneur, blockchain engineer, and software developer with more than 15 years of experience in the Information Technology industry.

Before joining WhitePark Capital, Vladimir developed specialized search systems, corporate accounting systems, blockchain-based voting systems, as well as complex and large systems based on Ethereum smart contracts.

Mr. Vinokurov is also a Partner of a company specializing in blockchain development and believed in the technology of smart contracts after seeing Ethereum in its early stages.

Vladimir holds a degree in Physics and Engineering.

Grant Alaverdyan

Founding partner at WhitePark Capital

Grant facilitates access to new market opportunities for our clients.

Grant has 6-years of investment banking experience. Prior to founding WhitePark capital, Grant was the Advisor to the CEO of the largest Russian independent Investment Bank, Troika Dialog (acquired by Sberbank of Russia).

Additional experiences include: co-founding a FinTech company, MILI.ru, that successfully developed a proprietary scoring methodology to leverage social network information of potential customers, growing it from zero to 200,000 clients and acting as the COO of the company until he successfully exited his position and became an institutional investor.

Grant’s extra-curricular business activities include early-stage investing in AI-focused startups.


Alexei Ponomarev

Alexei has more than 15 years of experience in building marketing strategies that allow products to be successfully brought to the market, as well as management experience.

Ponomarev’s first major business endeavor consisted of creating a comprehensive loyalty program--from scratch-- called Sib Discount, which brought together more than 500 organizations. Afterward, Alexei specialized in the creation and adaptation of viral marketing mechanisms that are used in social media platforms and mobile applications.

Ponomarev is also the co-author of an automated system model focused on improving efficiency in building international partner networks. Since 2013, Alexei has fully dedicated himself to projects related to Blockchain technology. He is the founder of a group of companies focused on P2P exchange, gaming, and personal data processing. He is also the COO of MidHub corporation, a company that specializes in personal data processing through the use of blockchain technology.

Over the past 2 years, Alexei consulted clients on strategic portfolio asset allocation in the digital asset space. At WhitePark Capital, Ponomarev conducts consultation work and participates in WhitePark Capital’s strategic planning.