WhitePark Capital is a hedge fund focused on digital assets and startups in the blockchain space. We believe that Blockchain is becoming a fundamental breakthrough in IT - similar to how personal computers, Internet, mobile phones and social media disrupted existing systems, created new markets and business models.

WhitePark offers Index funds and long term value creation fund.



WhitePark is a bridge connecting investors to new markets for long-term value creation.

Our team has been active in the cryptocurrency industry since 2013.

And has years of experience in fintech, financial markets, data analysis, software development, and business management. We are driven by three critical forces: entrepreneurship, passion for technology, and quantitative analysis.


Adding value to
entrepreneurs and clients

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency networks are decentralizing the current online user network/private data layer of the internet, collapsing production costs, eliminating data monopolies, and catalyzing the next wave of innovation.

Therefore, we are investing in decentralized blockchain protocols with a cryptocurrency native to the protocol.

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  • Long term Investing
  • Investement Vehicles
  • Risk management tools
  • Custodianship
  • Electronic Signatures
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Long term Investing

Long term Investing

WhitePark Capital is interested in long term value creation; we invest in companies that have a sound cryptoeconomic model that supports long-term time horizons.

In particular, we are looking to invest in blockchain protocols whose long-term value is derived from the user demand and transaction volume on the network. We believe that blockchain technology gives entrepreneurs and programmers the freedom to launch new ventures without having to rely on traditional models of financing. As a result, our fund is deeply engaged in the advancement of business, technological, and social impact objectives.

Risk management tools

Risk Management Tools

Having the ability to mitigate your exposure to risk is crucial.

This is why we offer our investors a variety of investment vehicles that can be used to diminish the amount of risk they are exposed to. From cryptocurrency futures to digital asset options, we give investors the ability to hedge their investments through the derivatives market.



WhitePark capital uses licensed, qualified custodians to store our clients’ digital assets in a regulated, secure, and compliant manner.

100% of digital assets are custodied and secured offline on a cold storage. All fiat and crypto customer assets are insured and backed by mandatory capital reserves and banking compliance standards. We have a firm belief that using a regulated, trusted, qualified custodian is the best option for storing cryptocurrency holdings of any size.

Electronic Signatures Made Easy

Electronic Signatures Made Easy

As one of the first truly digital fund managers, we serve forward-looking investors with the help of innovative onboarding and reporting processes that are 100% digitized.

We are also amongst the first funds to accept contributions in both fiat currency (US dollar and Euro) and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ether). Our legal infrastructure can support accredited investors, corporations, and institutional investors. Through our electronic signature service, we were able to boil down the document signing process from four steps to just two!

Instead of

  1. printing out documents
  2. signing the documents
  3. scanning the documents
  4. finally sending it back

Through our electronic signature service, signing documents is as easy as

  1. filling information online
  2. hitting submit button!
Investement Vehicles

Investment Vehicles

WhitePark Capital provides accredited investors with a variety of investment vehicles.

This includes three crypto-index solutions for those who prefer highly liquid, innovative, and secure ways to get diversified exposure to the overall digital asset market, as well as long term value creation and accumulation funds for investors with low-time preferences. Our cryptocurrency index solutions include a top 20 equally weighted index, a top 5 inverse weighted index, and a top 10 market cap weighted index--all of which exclude stablecoins and hard forks. Please contact us to learn more about our solutions.



Research -> Invest ->
Add Value -> Support

WhitePark Capital aims to separate value from the noise in a sophisticated digital asset market

We help build and scale the token or project in areas like governance, cryptoeconomic design, community management, strategy, and organizational development.



All of the fund’s investment decisions are based on in-depth research and analysis.

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